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Each organization is not the same and the need of each business varies depending on their industry.    At WP Accounting Services LLC, we are here to help you understand your organization and help you build a plan to help the growth of your idea and the maximization of your resources.   

Leverage our expertise and research skills to serve you.  Whether you are a startup and need help understanding the requirements or if you are an established business and need a helping hand to get your team ready for the next level of growth, we are here to serve you!


We understand that keeping "the numbers" or "the books" together is not for everyone.   We can be as involved as you would want us to be with your accounting needs.   From full bookkeeping and accounting services to just monthly or quarterly reconciliation and financial statement preparations, our goal is for your organization to be well informed on the importance of maintaining integral and accountable financial statements that surpasses the requirements of the IRS and other regulatory agencies.   We would like all our business partners to feel confident, not just on the work we provide but with the skills they possess in understanding their business and "the numbers."  We believe all organizations should have readily available financials at their fingertips at all times.  


Do you have a new process you need to implement?  Are your books in need of some clean up?  Are you in need of an interim manager or assistant controller?  Or are the new regulations becoming too much of a burden on your team?  It is our passion to serve you!   Let's discuss how we can help your project or department succeed.  


Is your small business in need of an accounting software?  We can help you set up QuickBooks Online including setting up a working chart of accounts.  Our services will ensure you are ready to start using your system with confidence.  We provide the training tools you need to not only have a full functioning program, but will be ready to manage, succeed, and grow. 


Do you currently have QuickBooks online but are unsure of all its capabilities.    Our Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor can provide you with the training your team needs to create more efficient and successful accounting processes using the tools available to you.   We are ready to help you grow!


Tax preparation services alone are a thing of the past.  Ever go to your tax preparer and hear things such as:  Oh, you could have or should have done this.  Are you not being told anything at all?  Do you feel like you are just another number in the queue of tax files to be prepared?  Are you continually surprised and frustrated from the tax bill you get each year?

Tax planning is one of the most important and growing sectors in the accounting industry today.   With tax planning we are not just looking at what happened, but we look forward to what could be.  Our CPA LOVES to learn new strategies and to apply these to help individuals and businesses get the timely, accurate, and compliant benefits to help reduce your tax liability so you can use your money wisely.  It’s a practice that if implemented properly and in time could help you save thousands of dollars while maintaining your values, ethical standards, and peace of mind.


Many people believe that starting a new business is simply going into the state website and setting up the name as an LLC.   This may appear as a simple process, but there is much more involved when forming a business.   You MUST understand, not only the state requirements, but there is federal, county, and state to be considered.   There are legal and accounting components that must be considered when setting up your business as well. 


At WP Accounting Services, LLC we can help you get your business up and running.  You will start your business with the confidence you will need to take over your industry.    With some legal aid, of course, we can assure you the mistakes many make when setting up their business will be avoided.

Our Services

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