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What makes us WP?

The foundation of WP Accounting Services, LLC  is rooted in the vision and dream placed in the heart of its founder Wendy Platon to own a profitable accounting firm not limited to accounting, but building it to be a converging point of resources for businesses ready for growth and expansion in their area of influence or sector. Wendy quickly learned that bookkeeping, taxes, and financial tools are not the only needs of a growing a scalable business. Entrepreneurs and other business-minded individuals require legal, insurance, and retirement advice with so much more added to that list daily. Through the years, she sought partners to help meet the vast demands for clients, but still, one thing was missing.  The Big WHY!


WHY do business owners and individuals continue despite the challenges? The answer is the driving force behind every entrepreneur or innovator today and throughout the history of entrepreneurship, we can see this. With this at the forefront of our vision and mission, WP Accounting Services, LLC has recommitted to strategically help each client build Wealth with Purpose! Yes, we've all heard countless stories of people who achieve monetary wealth, but still feel empty or unfulfilled. So, let's make your wealth matter and leave a lasting footprint for generations to come! WP Accounting Services, LLC and its founder Wendy renew their commitment to you and your wealth building journey. We can reach the maximum potential of your business together and make your original dream and vision thrive!

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