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Wendy Platon, CPA
Owner / Consultant

Wendy Platon is the consummate professional passionate about accounting with integrity and managing wealth with purpose. She is a UCF alumna, graduating with a Master of Science in Accounting in 2010.  Wendy became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the State of Florida shortly after graduation while working as an auditor for one of the Big 4 accounting firms.  After an enriching experience as an auditor, she moved on to the private sector to enhance her skills in financial analysis, management, financial statement preparation, and consulting to materialize the dream of building her firm.  Her time working for larger organizations has molded her into an expert in the management of teams, creating process flows, and increasing business growth and efficiencies.  While the transition from multimillion dollar organizations to small business owners brought a series of challenges, this entrepreneur has been able to adapt the rigorous and well-organized process of these business giants to meet the needs of small business 
owners throughout their process of expansion and growth. 
With vast knowledge and working experience in auditing, U.S. GAAP and SEC reporting, county and state regulatory agency demands, accounting software, chart of account creations, tax preparation, non-profit organization (religious sector), and accounting research, Wendy Platon can bring to implementation accounting systems and processes that help businesses owners and individuals create efficiencies for growth.  She is passionate about the work but most importantly about the relationships and partnerships that are created with the clients she gets to serve each day. Wealth with purpose has an anchored strength in strong relationships over time and that is a driving force behind this pioneer in volatile financial times.  
As a mother of three, a wife, and a committed church leader and board member, Wendy understands the importance of growing a business and life that allows for enjoyment of each 
component and facet of the journey. As she continues to grow her own business; her passion and determination are focused on teaching and providing experience-based guidance to help her clients build a profitable business and create generational wealth, while molding entrepreneurs driven by purpose.  
She loves to read, has a teachable spirit, and invests in expanding her knowledge continuously. Wendy truly enjoys giving back to the community and sponsoring children in need. She has been a sponsor to organizations serving children for over 18 years. At the forefront of her purpose is a dream to expand her reach in helping children with various needs worldwide. She serves her community as a member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (HCCMO) and 
through this exciting opportunity is delighted to participate in accounting-related programs to entrepreneurs provided by the Chamber and Prospera, an economic development non-profit 
organization specialized in providing bilingual assisting to Hispanic Entrepreneurs. Wendy’s services provide a wealth-building experience that is well rounded  and available to anyone determined to make their dream come true!  


"I look forward to partnering with serious and dedicated organizations across Central Florida to be part of a prospering team that will use its resources to impact the communities." 

Wendy Platon

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